Final Plumbing Work Plan


1. Get short rope for lashing pipes together

2. Fill water jugs and buckets

3. Gather tools and parts:
a. Tee assembly
b. Coupler
c. Torch
d. Solder
e. Flux
f. Teflon tape
g. Mirror
h. 1" outer pipe cleaner
i. 1" inner pipe cleaner
j. Paper towels
k. Sharpie pen
l. Garden hose sprayer valve
m. Tube bender
n. Channelock pliers

4. Carry pipe, tools, parts, and short rope to site

5. Close discharge valve at creek all the way

6. Disconnect discharge hose from pipe, keep end high to retain water.

7. Disconnect hose from pipe going to cabin and connect to discharge hose.

8. Open discharge valve to blow out all the bubbles.

9. Close discharge valve all the way

10. Disconnect hose from pipe to spring and keep elevated to retain water.

11. Go up to spring, close water valve, open air valve

11.5 Open Brian's valve

12. Position pipe in creek bed

13. Lash pipes together

14. Bend pipes to fit, use rope and pulley to help position pipe if needed

15. Mark pipes for cutting

16. Cut top pipe on mark

17. Prepare end of pipe

18. Couple top pipes with coupler dry

19. Cut bottom pipe

20. Prepare end of pipe

21. Couple bottom pipes with Tee assembly dry.

22. When they fit, make sure the pipes are drained and dry

23. Apply flux to top joint and sweat the coupler in place

24. Apply flux to bottom joint and sweat the Tee in place

25. Bend pipe to fit stream bed and so that the nipple is at the low point.

26. Apply Teflon tape to brass hose adapter

27. Fasten hose adapter to copper adapter on Tee, leave cap on

28. Go up to spring and turn the water valve on, leave air valve open.

29. See if water runs out at site,

30. If water runs out at full pressure, replace cap, close the air valve, and the job is done.

31. If water runs out at low pressure or not at all, close the air valve,

32. Attach the water-filled hose to the nipple

33. String the hose down the road as far as it will go

34. Open the valve at the end. There should be some pressure from the siphon action

35. Gradually open the valve so that pressure builds and air bubbles out.

36. When the pressure reaches max, disconnect hose from nipple

37. Replace cap on nipple and the job is done.

38. Reconnect discharge hose

39. Bring tools and supplies back to cabin

40. Close Brian's valve

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