Construction Journal Entry Week of 1/2/05

1/4-6/05 I went up to the property for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

I arrived at 12:45. There was about three inches of new snow on the ground but I was able to drive halfway up to the trailer. I dumped out all the water jugs Andrew had filled for the upcoming Cub Scout camp so the jugs wouldn't freeze. After moving in and having lunch, I went to work and sanded all the surfaces that were due for another coat of varnish. Then I hung tarps around the front entry room and planed the two logs above the door and the rest of the main loft beam.

It got down to 9 degrees that night so I left my little heater running all night. That kept the temperature in the trailer up in the forties.

On Wednesday morning, Bill called and we had a long conversation. It was good to talk with him. I scraped and prepared all the remaining logs in the entry room and some of the back side of the loft beam that I had not done before. I cleaned up the chips and vacuumed the prepared logs and the floor to be ready for varnishing.

In between scraping sessions, I loaded up more firewood into the pickup for use at the Cub Scout camp. I added three wheelbarrows full to what Andrew and I had already loaded.

On Thursday morning, I varnished all the prepared surfaces which included at least the first coat on all the logs in the entry room. I think it is really looking good in there now.

After lunch, I packed up, re-filled all the water jugs, and left for home at 1:00.

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