Construction Journal Entry Week of 12/25/05

12/27-29/05 I went up to the property for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

I arrived at 1:20. There was about 6 inches of slushy snow on the ground so I couldn't get very far up the driveway. I parked down by the road. It was about 32 degrees with mixed rain and snow.

After moving in, I sanded the Grid D purlin to get it ready for its final coat of varnish. Then I set up a tarp and got a start planing some of the logs on the Grid E wall in the loft.

On Wednesday it was still 32 degrees but it mostly snowed lightly off and on during the day. I spent the day planing, scraping, gouging and even using a pocket knife preparing the Grid E loft logs for their first coat of varnish. I got about 5 feet of the 5 logs in the wall done. Then I swept up the chips, took down the tarp, and vacuumed the floor and the wall.

On Thursday, I varnished the purlin and the prepared wall logs. Then I went out and chopped up some fallen tree tops and piled them up in a burn pile. I also harvested some vine maples for use in making fire by friction for the Boy Scouts. I left for home at 1:20.

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