Construction Journal Entry Week of 9/25/11

9/26/11 (Monday) Talked to Terry Hagen and scheduled the cabinet delivery for Wednesday, 9/28.

9/27-29/11 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

On the way I stopped and had a delightful lunch with Marilyn and George. I arrived at Camp Serendipity at 2:30. I was promptly greeted by Bert and Ernie. I had completely run out of dog biscuits but I had one tray of left-over gravy. I spit it between the two of them and gave them a lot of hugs so they were sort of satisfied. It was raining lightly but I went to check on the sequoia trees anyway. Most of them were plenty moist but I watered Andrew, Brian, Ellen, and Paul because they seemed a little dry.

Then I painted the final coat in the bathroom. I want to get the bathroom finished and functional as soon as I can.

On Wednesday the cabinets were scheduled to arrive so after breakfast, I went to work clearing things out of the living room to make room to store the cabinets. The doors were stacked in the Grid E3 corner and since I planned to install the cabinets before I install the doors, I decided to stack the cabinets in front of the doors. That would still leave the walls that needed to be painted with plenty of clearance.

When the living room was cleared, I got a rope and tied up Rosy, the rose bush, to make room for the delivery truck. Then I lowered the two guard ropes at the end of the porch.

The cabinet delivery truck showed up at about 9:00. I had wondered how we were going to get the cabinets up on the porch, but the delivery guy had it all figured out. He had a three-wheeled forklift on his truck that could lift the crate of cabinets up 11 feet. That would be plenty high to reach the porch level.

Once the forklift was on the ground, he drove it over and picked up the crate of cabinets, then he drove up and around the hairpin turn and right up to the edge of the porch. He had room to make a 90 degree turn so that the crate was level and even with the porch deck. Then the two of us took cabinets out of the crate and carried them in and stacked them in the living room. It didn't take long at all. I took some pictures of the process.

Bert and Ernie were also around to watch the proceedings, but unfortunately for them, I had no treats to give them.

After the delivery truck left, I called Terry a couple times. Once to go over the details of the payment, and a second time to apologize for forgetting to give him back the door sample that I have. He said that he would get it back somehow later and not to worry about it.

Then I went back to work on the painting job. I started out by masking the entry room, mainly the Grid 2 loft beam that goes through the room. Then I did some de-masking in the bathroom before I stopped for lunch and a short nap.

Then I masked the Grid 2 beam and the Grid D2 PSL in the hallway between Grid C and Grid D.. With that much masking done, I painted the base coat on the inside of the entry room, the living room wall, and the inside of the hall closet. By the time I finished cleaning up the tools, I was very tired and ready for the shower and dinner.

On Thursday morning, I decided not to paint but to continue finishing up the bathroom so it will be more usable. I installed the medicine cabinet and mirror, the shower curtain rod, and the cover over the fan. I had my lunch and left for home at 1:30.

On the drive home I had a great sense of freedom. For the first time since early this year, I am no longer constrained by schedules involving other people. The projects of getting the cabinets designed, ordered, and delivered, of getting the doors designed, ordered, and delivered, of getting the drywall done, and of hosting the scout troop, all required scheduling my activities around other people and their activities. Then the fact that Ron hurt his back in the middle of the drywall job crowded and squeezed all of the other schedules. They all worked out, and just barely, but now I was completely free from that type of constraint. I am set with projects that will keep me busy well past the next winter. The only constraints now will come from the weather.

I need to get any concrete work done before it starts freezing, sometime in October. And I need to bring any big supplies I need before the snow falls, maybe in October or Novemeber, so that I can still drive up to the upper roadway. So I plan to mortar in the last two drainage channels soon, and I need to buy the flooring I need, at least for the kitchen so I can install the cabinets. Then I can work strictly at my own pace, which is what I like.

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