Construction Journal Entry Week of 2/12/12

2/14-16/12 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

On the way, I stopped at Lowe's and bought some light bulbs, some glue, and three bits for my Bosch Bulldog roto-hammer. I bought a long 1/2" drill bit and a long cold chisel bit so that I can finish boring the drainage hole through the granite under the porch. I also bought a chisel bit for removing tile because it is shaped almost like a 1 1/2" wood chisel. I will grind it and sharpen it to make a wood chisel out of it and use it, along with the oscillating saw, to make the receiving notches in the wall logs for the remaining baseboards.

From there I went to our tax accountant and dropped off our income tax papers. And, from there I proceeded on to visit Charles. But I learned that he was at the dentist so I got back on the road to Camp Serendipity. I got my first speeding ticket in about 45 years on the outskirts of Gold Bar. I finally arrived at Camp Serendipity at 1:30.

Bert and Ernie were there to greet me by the time I got the water pressure turned on, so they got their hugs and biscuits after I carried my gear up to the cabin. There had been only an inch or so of snow since last week.

When I went in to the cabin, I noticed that the peanut was gone from the hearth. That means that either the mouse that ran off with my trap was still alive and active, or a second mouse got in. I was hoping it was the former because I didn't like the idea of a mouse carcass decaying in some hidden corner.

The next thing I did was to glue the finished end panel onto the cabinet unit that hangs on the wall directly left of the kitchen window. I planned to install that one next and I wanted the glue to be nice and dry by the time I got to it. I laid the cabinet on its side, glued the panel on, and weighted it down with a thick finished piece of particle board and three concrete blocks. Then I took a break for lunch.

After lunch, I ground the tile chisel I had bought into a wood chisel shape and sharpened it up. Then I tried it out in the Bulldog on the recess in the log that I had cut to hold the cabinets. One more unit needed to go into this recess to the right of the corner cabinet that was already installed. To get that first one plumbed correctly, I had to work the notch down with a saw somewhat, so I knew that the rest of the notch needed to be cut down some more as well. I used the Bulldog and the new wood chisel to do this.

It worked extremely well. It was easy and fast. I am sure it will work very well for cutting the baseboard notches.

I set up a scaffold rig on top of the two big saw horses and used it to position the cabinet unit against the wall to the left of the kitchen window. When it was aligned properly, I screwed it into place, and was very happy with how it came out and how it looks. Before I went to bed, I moved the mouse trap in the loft down to the first floor behind the stove to replace the missing one and just laid out a peanut on the floor in the loft.

On Wednesday morning I found a mouse in the trap on the first floor. I hope that was the same mouse who took off with my trap.

After breakfast, I glued the end panel on the last cabinet to go on the soffit so it would be ready when its time came. Then I hung the third cabinet unit. This is the one next to the corner under the soffit. After lunch and a nap, I began preparing the next cabinet unit which is the one that will support the range hood. I cut a hole in the top of it for the vent pipe and another hole for the electrical wire. Then I built a scaffold to hold the cabinet up against the soffit. This had to be higher than the others because the cabinet is shorter. I used sawhorses on top of sawhorses plus a couple of concrete blocks.

I stopped work early and had a long telephone conversation with a friend in Arizona. At midnight, I was awakened by the mousetrap going off on the first floor. I got up and threw the dead mouse outside. I may have to spend some time trying to figure out how the mice get in.

On Thursday morning it was snowing lightly. There was nearly an inch accumulated by the time I got up. After breakfast, I took a picture of my living quarters in the loft just to get a record of it.

Then I went to work and hung the hood cabinet and then hung the last unit on the soffit. I was extremely pleased with how they came out. I took a picture of the final result. It was snowing pretty heavily with about 2 inches of accumulation by the time I left for home at 1:00, feeling very good about the week's work.

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