Construction Journal Entry Week of 2/8/15

2/10-12/15 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

After doing a lot of errands, I went to visit Uncle Charles on my way. He was sleeping so I only stayed a minute. I arrived at Camp Serendipity at 2:00. The weather was mild.

After moving my gear in, I brought in a bunch of firewood and then had my lunch and a nap. When I got up I built a fire in the stove. I got no work done on the ceiling after that.

On Wednesday I finished nailing up all the ceiling boards in the Grid B1-C3 bay. That was a major milestone a long time in coming. I was delighted to have it done. I had my lunch and a nap to celebrate.

When I got up, I varnished the chamfer grooves in the strips I had just installed. Then I went outside and split and stacked a bunch of firewood. By that time the varnish was dry so I sealed the seams along the strips where the tongues of the boards had been removed. I used clear silicone so it is nearly invisible from the loft.

On Thursday morning, I caulked the seam between the Grid 3 gable wall and the newly-installed ceiling boards. I really like the look of how it came out.

Next, I wedged strips of Styrofoam in the bigger seams between the Grid 1 gable wall and the newly-installed ceiling boards. The roof damage from the falling tree had enlarged that gap so that it was a little too big to caulk the way it was. Once the Styrofoam was in place, I caulked that seam to finish the job. The only things left to do now before I reconfigure the scaffolds are to clean the gable walls up high and clean the high windows. I might as well do that because I won't be able to reach them easily later on.

Before I left for home, I took pictures of the ceiling. Then I measured the height of the living room and dining room light fixtures. The one in the dining room is too high and I measured to find out how much to lower it. I will lower it by 18 inches. I got that much chain and wire from the crawl space so I am ready to lower the lamp when the scaffolds are set up so I can reach it. I left for home at 1:20 happy about the new milestone.

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