Construction Journal Entry Week of 2/25/18

2/28-3/2/18 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Wednesday through Friday.

I arrived at noon. The driveway was plowed, and Robert was already there. His skidder was parked down below, and he was working on it. He had used it at another job site over the weekend and he had just brought it back.

I started out by shoveling about 8 inches of snow off the concrete staircase. Then I hoisted the flag and brought up my gear. Robert came in for a cup of coffee while I had my lunch. He explained the Grabinski rigging system he plans to use and drew a diagram of it for me.

Next, we both went outside and shoveled trenches through the new snow berms that had formed under the eaves so that the skidder could be driven back up the roadway. When we finished that, Robert drove the skidder back up on top and I started burning brush.

Robert felled trees and pushed the logs into a pile while I kept burning brush. He left at 4:00 and I shoveled the ice off the concrete stairs. The weather had warmed enough so that the ice was no longer frozen down tight and I wanted to get it off while I could.

On Thursday, Dave called right after breakfast and we had an unusually long conversation. Robert had tried to call me and was worried that something was wrong. He finally got through at about 9:00 and told me that he had gotten so much snow that he wasn't sure he was going to be able to come over. He had gotten about 2 feet while I only got a couple inches. I spent the rest of the morning drawknifing the front porch rail pole.

After lunch Robert called again and told me he would not be able to make it to Camp Serendipity. I went out and burned brush until about 4:00. Then I came in and took a nap.

On Friday morning, we had another couple inches of snow, so I went out and shoveled off the concrete stairs. Robert came over at about 9:30 and I helped him set things up so he could work on replacing a hydraulic hose on the skidder that was leaking. He got a good start on that work by the time we both went in for lunch. We both left for home shortly after noon.

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