Construction Journal Entry Week of 3/11/18

3/13-15/18 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

Robert and Tim were already working in the woods when I arrived at 12:15. I brought some of my gear up to the cabin, hoisted the flag, had my lunch, and changed into my work clothes. Then I joined the loggers and went to work burning brush. I also took some videos of the falling and the skidding.

They left at 2:30. I brought the rest of my gear up from the truck, built a fire in the wood stove, and had a very welcome nap.

On Wednesday, I was out burning brush by 8:00. I came back into the cabin at 9:30 for a rest and water break and then went back out at 10:00. Robert showed up at about 10:30. I kept burning brush while Robert skidded logs to the log deck. About noon, Robert broke out the Ballpark Franks and we roasted hot dogs over the fire for lunch. Then we went back to work until 2:30 when Robert left. I was pretty well worn out when I went in for my nap after building a fire in the stove.

On Thursday morning, I was back out burning brush at 7:45. Robert showed up at about 9 and Tim showed up at 10:30. We continued work on what Robert called the "Bench Cut", the part of the property to the west of the cabin on top of the cliff over the outcrop at the road. All the trees we cut were visibly infected with root rot, so it was only a matter of time before they would have died anyway. There is a nice stand of western redcedar on the Bench that are immune to the root rot and which we left standing. With the trees down, a view of Mt. David is now visible from the dining room window in the cabin.

When the skidder had finished all its work, and a big pile of logs was in the deck, Robert used the skidder to move some huge rocks that had been left up by the privy when the septic system had been installed. Those rocks had been in the way of turning my truck around up there, but now I will be able to do so. That will be nice

With the skidder no longer required up there, Robert drove it back down the roadway past the cabin and parked it down below in the parking area. The next step will be to set up the jammer down in the parking area. Robert is currently in the process of getting that machine ready. When it is in place, he will rig up the big Doug fir in the parking area as a spar tree for the Grabinski cable rigging he is going to use to drag the logs from the deck they are in now down to the log loading area below. That is going to be an interesting operation.

I left for home at 1:15 happy with the progress on the Phase II logging project.

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