Bill and Lorrie

10/8/93 Bill at the springbox

9/1/01 Back rows: Cam, Andrew, Ellen, Bill, Amanda, Lorrie
Front row: Bert, Quincy, and maybe Ernie, Patch, or Lizzie

5/24/08 Bill and the 50 lb. pulley

5/24/08 Cam with a saw

5/24/08 Bill carrying a load of tools up the hill

5/24/08 Cam

5/24/08 Bill and Brian Kemly

8/25/08 Dave, Bill, Jim and John ready to pour concrete.

8/25/08 Dave and Bill having a good laugh.

8/25/08 Dave and Bill having a good time.

8/25/08 Dave and Bill still laughing.

8/25/08 Kerry, Dave, Bill, John and Jim working concrete.

8/25/08 Dave, Bill, and Jim floating and edging the steps.

8/25/08 Jim, Bill, Dave, and Kerry laughing at something.

7/24/09 Paul, Bill, and Dave

12/28/15 Cam and Bill arriving at Camp Serendipity for an overnighter.

12/28/15 Cam and Bill making their way up through the deep snow to get to the foot of the concrete stairway.

12/28/15 Bill and Cam inspecting some frozen eggs.

12/28/15 Bill and Cam in the kitchen.

12/28/15 Cam, Bill, and Paul enjoying a meal.

5/3/16 Bill working on the 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

5/3/16 Bill intensely working on the puzzle.

5/4/16 Paul and Bill posing.

5/4/16 Paul and Bill and a stair tread.

5/5/16 Bill in the dining room.

12/19/17 Bill and Cam relaxing in "The great room".

12/19/17 Cam with a winter scene behind him.

12/19/17 Bill and Cam marveling at a can of Parmesan cheese. The expiration date was surprising.

12/19/17 The expiration date was April 22, 1996. We had a lot of laughs over that, and we didn't sample the cheese.

12/19/17 Bill, Paul, and Cam relaxing and enjoying the company. Note, the new baseboards are in. That means the mice are shut out (hopefully).

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