6/16/04 - Bob and Earl.

6/13/07 - Earl in back doorway.

6/13/07 - Paul and Earl.

5/7/08 - Earl in the dining room.

5/7/08 - Paul and Earl in the living room.

8/19/09 - Earl laughing it up in the trailer.

3/17/10 - Earl in the trailer after returning from Palm Springs.

5/23/12 - Earl after describing his horrific medical ordeal during the month of April.

5/23/12 - Earl happy to be feeling much better now.

5/29/12 - Earl just about to enter a piece of his property.

5/29/12 - Earl and the cabin he built by himself by hand.

5/29/12 - Earl looking fit.

5/29/12 - Earl's cabin.

5/29/12 - Earl opening up his cabin.

5/29/12 - The bed in Earl's cabin under construction.

5/29/12 - The wood stove in Earl's cabin.

5/29/12 - The fine door Earl made for his cabin.

10/16/12 - Earl looking good at Camp Serendipity

10/16/12 - Earl still looking good

11/6/12 - Earl visiting just prior to leaving for Palm Springs

7/22/13 - Earl telling me about the fire near his place last week

7/22/13 - Earl telling me latin names of some tree species

10/22/13 - Earl drinking spring water.

5/28/14 - Earl thinking by the fire

5/28/14 - Earl near the front doorway

7/30/14 - Earl on the loft staircase.

11/5/14 - Earl on the loft staircase looking at a book of old logging photographs.

4/29/15 - Earl in the kitchen.

4/29/15 - Earl still in the kitchen.

5/13/15 - Larry in the doorway and Earl on the porch.

5/13/15 - Larry in the doorway and Earl on the porch.

5/19/16 - Earl at the dining room table.

5/19/16 - Earl at the dining room table.

5/19/16 - Earl at the dining room table.

9/13/16 - A mug shot of Earl after he received his Camp Serendipity mug.

5/15/18 - Earl at his beautiful home on the lake.

9/6/18 - Earl at the spring helping to plug the leak with bentonite.

9/6/18 - Paul and Earl looking down into the open springbox.

6/11/19 Here's Earl standing on the end of his dock on Lake Wenatchee.

6/11/19 This is a view of Earl's place as seen from his dock. His house can't be seen because it is behind that big tree.

9/7/19 - Patty and Earl.

9/7/19 - Patty and Earl posing.

9/7/19 - Earl, Patty, and Paul, all posing.

6/4/20 Earl and Al

6/4/20 Al and Earl

1/26/22 Earl and Al came for a visit and wearing tennis shoes and no gloves managed to climb the stairs all the way to the flagpole before I could get down to give them a hand.

1/26/22 Here they are at the top of the rope rail.

1/26/22 And here they are relaxing in the living room.

1/26/22 Al and Earl in the kitchen getting ready to go back out onto the snow and back to their car. It was great having them give me this surprise visit.

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