4/22/09 Niek and Larry

4/22/09 Niek and Larry

11/18/09 Larry and Paul with the first three treads at the bottom of the staircase. The third one is being held in place by the tread-holding jig.

6/9/10 Larry relaxing on the porch bench.

6/9/10 Larry looking at the spare conduit installation job.

8/17/11 Larry and the bronze model of Mt. Rainier in the loft.

5/10/12 Larry after telling me the sad news that Roberta had passed away in October.

7/12/12 Larry after telling me that he would soon be celebrating his 90th birthday.

7/12/12 Paul and Larry about to open the Mt. Rainier model display case.

7/12/12 Larry and Paul unfastening the restraining cables inside the display case.

7/12/12 Larry and Paul looking at the bronze model.

7/12/12 A close-up of the model.

5/13/15 Larry back for a visit shortly after his 92nd birthday.

5/13/15 Larry again.

5/13/15 Larry and Earl.

5/13/15 Larry and Earl.

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