Scouts 1/15

These pictures are from the 2015 snow camping trip at Camp Serendipity. Eighteen boys attended along with the scoutmaster, Bill Dunnell, five adult leaders, and their host Paul Martin. They rode from Seattle on the troop bus and two cars. On Saturday the scouts and leaders pitched their tents in the snow. (Paul slept in the cabin.)

The boys played in the snow, did a snowshoe tour through the woods behind the cabin, cooked their meals in the snow camp, and came inside the cabin to eat their meals, dry their clothes, warm up, and relax. They returned to their tents to sleep.

During the night, about a foot of snow fell, collapsing some tents, which were pushed back up, and demolishing a canopy that covered their cooking area.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast, the camp was struck, things were packed up, and the troop headed for home in time to see the Seahawks beat the Packers at the last minute.

1/17/15 The bus and cars are parked at the driveway entrance and the camp is set up in the parking area.



1/17/15 After the tents are set up, the boys throw snowballs, slide down hills, and have a good time in the snow as boys will do.


1/17/15 A view of the camp from up by the cabin.


1/17/15 Looking up one of the sledding runs.


1/17/15 Making a big snowball.

1/17/15 Climbing up the hill to make a sled run.

1/17/15 Sliding back down.

1/17/15 Putting on showshoes.

1/17/15 Getting ready for a snowshoe hike.

1/17/15 The line of snowshoers pauses here in front of the tree (horizontal log in the background) that fell and tore a hole in the roof of the cabin just about exactly one year ago.

1/17/15 Inside the warm, cozy cabin.

1/17/15 Bill Dunnell, fearless Scoutmaster.

1/17/15 Time to dry out, warm up, and relax.

1/17/15 Relaxing

1/17/15 Clothes dry while boys play cards.

1/17/15 Everyone seemed to have had fun.

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