Construction Journal Entry Week of 12/27/09

12/26-27/09 Ellen, Almitra, Ocean, Tianna, and I went up to Camp Serendipity and spent Saturday night in the cabin.

This was part of an outing which included a visit to Leavenworth. We had lunch on Saturday shortly after noon at the 59er diner. Then after checking out the sledding possibilities at Lake Wenatchee State Park, we drove to Camp Serendipity and moved our gear into the cabin. The kids sledded on the roadways while I built a fire in the wood stove. We then drove to Leavenworth for an evening of fun.

After returning from Leavenworth, I started the stove again and got the cabin sort of warm. It was pretty cold outside and the cabin is not insulated yet. So in spite of stoking the stove every hour or two all night long, everyone of us got pretty cold during the night. We survived it though and all agreed that we had a pretty good time.

Bert and Ernie visited us Sunday morning, so Almitra and the girls got a chance to meet them. A few gray jays also showed up at the last minute and took a few peanuts, but the noise of the girls sledding on that frozen snow evidently scared the birds away. We left for home at about 11:00.

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