Construction Journal Entry Week of 7/4/21

7/8-10/21 I went up to Camp Serendipity for three days: Thursday through Saturday.

I arrived at 11:30. The temperature was already a hot 82 degrees. I used the wheelbarrow to haul a bunch of yard waste from the truck to the compost pile and then I wheeled the rest of my gear up to the cabin. It was an uncomfortable 80 degrees inside the cabin already.

I hoisted the flag and had my lunch. During my lunch I tried out a new portable air conditioner that I had made at Ellen's suggestion. I made one for her to use in Seattle and one for Camp Serendipity. It is simply a fan mounted on top of a 5-gallon bucket blowing down into it, a few frozen blue ices in the bucket, and a three-inch PVC elbow coming out the side of the bucket and aimed up so that the air hits you when you are sitting in a chair. It worked pretty well.

Then had my nap. When I got up, I practiced the piano and then spent the rest of the day reading.

On Friday the temperature outside was 48 degrees when I got up, and since I had the windows open and a fan running all night, it was a cool 62 degrees inside. I started out by whacking weeds in the lower driveway with the string trimmer and drained both batteries.

Next I practiced the piano and then started working on the baseboards in the closet where I keep the curly fries. When I finished installing the baseboards, I took a picture. Then I made a new box for the curly fries and a big mess on the floor with the old box and all of the other stuff that had been in the closet.

I stopped for lunch and a nap and then went into the woods to check on the trees. This time I wore the bug hat which made it a lot better. No mosquito bites. While I was up by Paul I saw a deer making a hasty exit. I brought 5 gallons of water to Andrew and then resumed installing a new chip box.

On Saturday I practiced the piano, transferred the chips to the new chip box, and disposed of everything that had been in the closet and put it back together. Then I swept the floor and vacuumed and did some more reading. I left for home at 12:30 glad to be done with baseboards.

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