Construction Journal Entry Week of 5/1/22

5/3-6/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for four days: Tuesday through Friday.

The weather was sunny when I arrived at 11:50 AM, I hauled my gear up to the cabin in two trips, hoisted the flag, and then had my lunch and a nap. When I got up, I did some experimenting with my solar cells and discovered that two cells would run the motor, but I didn't think it was quite enough. I think I will use three on each side in the final machine.

After practicing the piano, I went into the woods and aimed the mirror at Brian and then pruned a lot of brush. I had brought 3 buckets for watering Andrew and started filling one from the irrigation hose. The water barely ran out the end of the hose, so I only got about one gallon that I brought to Andrew. I think there are too many leaks in the hose.

On Wednesday the temperature outside was 35 degrees when I got up. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and worked quite a bit on the solar tracker mechanism.

After lunch and a nap, I went out and did some more pruning and I aligned the mirror. I hauled another gallon of water up to Andrew. I forgot to bring duct tape with me, so the hose was still leaking pretty badly. I went up and checked the spring and it was running fine as you would expect this time of year. There were a few big trees that had fallen over the winter. Some of them were blocking my trail. I will have to go up with a chainsaw and clear them away someday.

Robert called and we agreed that I would go to his restaurant the next day for lunch.

On Thursday after practicing the piano, I shot some footage for my new hypercube video. Then I drove to Cashmere and had a delightful lunch at the Almond Blossom Eatery. When I got back, I had my nap and afterwards I just sat outside in Dave's Adirondack chair and relaxed.

On Friday it was raining. After practicing the piano, I did some work on my new hypercube and listened to the radio. I left for home at 1:00 o'clock after a perfectly enjoyable week.

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