Construction Journal Entry Week of 7/31/22

8/3-5/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for three days: Wednesday through Friday.

In addition to skipping last week altogether, I was delayed two more days because I needed to host the annual block watch party on Tuesday.

On the way up, I was involved in a minor accident on Lake City way. My right-side rear-view mirror clipped the rearview mirror of a construction vehicle that must have been sticking out too far into my lane. After picking up the pieces and exchanging insurance information with the other vehicle's driver I proceeded on to Camp Serendipity.

I arrived at 12:30 and carried my gear up in two trips. I was tired but I felt a lot better. I hoisted the flag and then went in for lunch. I did some exercises, practiced the piano, and then called the insurance company about the mirror.

On Thursday I felt like my energy was up a notch or so. But when I tried to play the piano, I discovered that I couldn't remember a lot. That was troubling. I didn't know if I was experiencing cognitive decline or whether that was simply the result of being away from the piano for more than a week.

I listened to the radio and replaced a few light bulbs. After lunch and a nap, I went back to the piano until the telephone rang. It was Bim and we had a great conversation, It was so good to hear from him. After we hung up, I went into the woods and hung a new salt block on the tree for the deer. The old one wasn't quite gone but it was just a sliver. I was really happy to see so much new growth on Paul. I was about to check on Runty but a call came in from the insurance company so I went into the cabin to deal with that.

On Friday I felt a little better yet. When I practiced the piano I was happy that the pieces came back to me. I listened to the radio, then went out and harvested the rhubarb which was pretty skinny, and then brought two shop lights up to the cabin that we had gotten at a garage sale. I left for home at 11:30 to give me time to take pictures for the insurance company before the end of the business day. It was an eventful week but I would just as soon have skipped one of the events.

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