Construction Journal Entry Week of 6/19/22

6/20-24/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

I had a doctor's appointment that took most of the morning, so I had lunch at home. Then on the way I stopped in at Costco to get some groceries. Just as I was approaching the property, I had to slow down for a deer that was standing in the road and who slowly ambled off. A little later I also had to slow down for Roxy who was sunning herself in the road.

I arrived at 3:45. The weather was sunny and breezy. I was glad of the breeze because it blows the mosquitoes away. I brought my gear up in two trips. Then I unpacked my gear, took a shower, and had my dinner. The phone hum had evidently been fixed.

On Tuesday Robert called first thing and we had a long conversation. Ellen called, and she had been in communication with my cardiologist's nurse about my condition. She had some questions, so I told Ellen the answers and she sent the answers back. After practicing the piano, I had my lunch and a nap.

I had picked up some things at a garage sale and I was interested in checking them out. One was an electronic multimeter, and after replacing the dead battery, it didn't appear to me like it worked correctly. I couldn't get it to read anything and I decided to give up on it. I had also picked up a very fancy screwdriver that has sockets for screwdriver tips and a very strong magnet on an extendable rod that I suppose you could use to pick up screwdriver tips that have fallen on the floor. It also had a light that I got to work by replacing the dead batteries. I think that screwdriver will be useful.

I had accidentally closed my Kardia Mobile app and I needed to get Internet service to reload it, so I drove to Ron Sideritz's place and reloaded the app. When I got back to the cabin, I realized I had not been successful in loading the app.

Ellen called with more questions from the nurse which I answered. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with the string trimmer whacking weeds on the lower roadway until I drained both batteries. Ellen called with more Q and A.

On Wednesday morning I overslept. Then I practiced the piano and installed a shower grip that I had also gotten from the garage sale. Then I listened to the radio until it was time for my lunch and nap. When I got on the bed to take my nap, I heard the shower grip let loose and fall into the tub. I don't think I will trust that thing.

I drove back to Ron Sideritz's place again and loaded the app and took an EKG reading. I have been experiencing tachycardia all week and the Kardia Mobile showed A-fib from time to time.

I went back out whacking weeds in the parking area, and I exposed the rhubarb to the light. My energy level was very low. After running both batteries down, I called Earl and told him my experience.

On Thursday after practicing the piano, I went down to the truck and got Cindy, my loppers, and took it into the cedar grove and enlarged the trail as I went. I was pleased to see that the rescued cedar was thriving, as well as all the rest of the cedars I looked at. Paul looked especially bushy and healthier than I had ever seen it. Runty also looks good. I think they like the cool damp weather we've had in May and June.

Next, I went into the woods and adjusted the mirror to shine on Brian. I was pleased that the mirror was still intact and easy to adjust. Then I went up to Brian and saw that the water was flowing out of the bucket ready to carry up to Andrew, but my energy level was just too low to be carrying water up the hill. I did go up and look at Andrew and was pleased that it is thriving. And I was surprised to see about 2 gallons of water in its dribble bucket. I unplugged the hole in the bucket to let out the water out to irrigate Andrew. I don't know how long that water has been in the bucket or where it came from, and I hope it ran all the way out after I left.

Back in the cabin I had my lunch and a nap and felt terrible. When I got up, I went back to work whacking weeds in the parking area. It was not too hard to operate the string trimmer on the level but when I tried to walk back up to the cabin and carry the machine with me it was a real chore.

On Friday I had a restless miserable night and decided it was time to visit the ER for my heart condition. I called Ellen and Earl and Robert and told them my intention of leaving for home as soon as I could. It was a good decision as it turned out; the visit to the ER went very well. They cured my tachycardia by giving me a defibrillation. Then they discovered that I am positive for COVID. No wonder I have been feeling so crummy. They gave me an infusion of monoclonal antibodies through my IV. We're hoping that will fix that problem. What a week.

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